SNOW DAY!!!!     I lay there waiting and waiting, finally the phone pings. It’s early in the morning, I can’t see clearly but I don’t have time to grab my glasses. I hit the message button and hear those glorious words: “due to inclement weather all schools are closed!”  It’s a TEACHER SNOW DAY! … [Read more…]


Cheers to the New Year! The wonderful thing about starting a new year… it is a fresh start or a new beginning. As you read below I want to invite or encourage you to begin a gratitude journal right away.   If you are like me, you feel pulled in one thousand different directions! You … [Read more…]

Healthy Smoothies

Add Some Healthy Smoothies to your month… Each member of your family chooses a healthy smoothie recipe they would like to make for the family. Each week in January you will have “the smoothie for the week” and the person making the smoothie will make (or help make the smoothie depending on the age of … [Read more…]

New Years Eve Party with Kids

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Christmas is a wrap! My house is back together, boxes are disassembled, trash is all picked up, opened presents are neatly displayed under the tree, returns are complete and life is perfect… NOT! In fact it is completely the opposite! But, that is part of the holiday season and right now … [Read more…]

Best Gingerbread Recipe Ever

… you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man! Did I say the best Gingerbread recipe ever? Well, at this point in my life that means buying Gingerbread Men already prepared. I have no time or desire to bake gingerbread men when I can buy them and save time. Perhaps when life slows down I … [Read more…]

Counting Christmas Trees

Counting Christmas Trees! Back in the day,  I remember traveling in a green, two door pinto with three squished kids in the backseat  and usually a smelly dog clawing into my skin. This was before wearing a seat belt was a law, and air conditioning came with every car.  So, yes it was along time … [Read more…]


My most favorite! Okay, you will probably hear that from me often… so many things are my most favorite, but honestly, this tradition is a staple. Scott and I began this in 1992! We have a gratitude journal (we have three journals filled already) that we bring out the month of December. We take turns … [Read more…]

3 Farms and Finally a Christmas Tree

Hello All,  Happy Holiday Season! Even PK (pre-kids) my husband, Scott and I would cut down our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. Being out in the fresh air and finding the most perfect tree was a fun adventure we shared with friends. Because I was so determined to make traditions in my family,  I … [Read more…]