about me

Hello All,

My name is Michelle Mash.  I was born and raised in the little State of Delaware. I left briefly to attend college in Oklahoma. It was empowering to travel that far for college. While there, I met so many wonderful, life changing friends, the kind you never lose touch. Another bonus while in college I fell in love with my college sweetheart, Scott. This man is everything and then some! He is my rock! I am lucky in love and I don’t take it for granted! And yes, I did get a degree in between friends, fun, sorority and a boyfriend.

Majoring in Elementary Education is when I found my passion in teaching little ones. This is my “Big 3-0” my 30tb year in education! I have taught for 29 years and still love what I do! My first graders definitely keep me young and are always entertaining. Not only are they wonderful but my school family is the best.

Speaking of family, Scott and I have three beautiful children. I have no idea where the time has gone but it has not stood still. Our oldest, Marissa, is 23, finishing her Masters and teaches ELA in middle school. Next is Lexi, 20 and majoring in Social Work. Our third child is Collin. He is a sophomore in high school. We love having three awesome children. I am not ready to be a full time empty nesters!

I have been a big believer in family and traditions. I love to celebrate it all! Through the years as our children have grown we have added some traditions and scratched some too, but these memories we have made, became so meaningful, that they became traditions. These traditions are our glue.  They are what bonds us to be the family we are and I wouldn’t change that for anything!

Enjoy, xo