Easter 2018

Easter 2018

How are you planning to get ready for Easter 2018? Well hippity hoppity Easter’s on its way, so let’s get going!

Although it is still a bit chilly here when those decorations are pulled out and you see those pretty spring colors it makes for a happier mood! There are so many cute and fun decorations but being a lover of children’s literature, I start with displaying The Tale of Peter Rabbit. I love this sweet story and love that the movie is out now! Hoping my kids will want to see it.

Next coming out of the bin, is 80ish unique eggs. It is so hard to describe these ceramic painted eggs! They are all so special,  beautiful, unique and just true treasures. I love and admire each and everyone. Displaying them is so much fun.

You know when you pull out your Christmas tree ornaments and they bring you back to the moment your child made or gave it to you? That is what these eggs are like. Each egg captured a moment in time.


Here are a few moments I’d love to share:

  1. After finally getting a private room after my delivery of our third child, Collin was whisked to the NICU for a little help. Luckily it was a short stay and he was released after a week. Collin’s first day home I wanted us to keep up with a tradition started a few years earlier, Easter egg painting. So off we went with our little one fresh from the hospital to our local pottery painting store, Every Day Artist! I can remember like it was yesterday, Scott held the egg while I put his little toe prints on his very first egg.
  2. Lex has many eggs, one that says Justin (Beiber )+ Lexi. It just makes us laugh to remember when she had Beiber fever. Her many eggs covered with sports symbols or her signature blue eggs!
  3. Marissa’s eggs have just followed her life. The beautiful pastel eggs when I could control the color choice, to the mud color combo, to the boyfriend eggs, to college eggs to present artistic eggs.  She is so crafty and talented and to see her adult eggs are moving.
  4. And those other eggs… I love the eggs that had a plan and then somehow the color mixing ended up a brown/green mess. I love when a certain tween decided to have a theme of egg types for a few years: brown egg, white egg (nothing was involved at all with this one- haha), and a cracked egg. I wish I could share each egg with you and the story that goes with it but this would be a book, not a post.

Now that you know how much I treasure these eggs, I have to share that we grew this tradition with our family and friends. It started with my brother’s family joining us, then a few friends. Eventually, we moved the party to our house and it’s an “eggstravagant painting party!”  It has grown to sometimes 50 people. 

Now hosting has changed as our kids have grown. Scheduling began to get difficult when our kids got into sports and had many different places to be.  Hosting began with a brunch and now is an evening with munchies and pizza. I would love to say that scheduling is so much easier but it isn’t. You just do the best that I can to accommodate as best as you can.

This tradition has become so important to my children that they have made it a priority to clear their schedule and usually bring along a boyfriend or sorority sisters or friends, which I just love.

This tradition is such a true reflection of how blessed I am. My husband just goes along with me, my madness and all these moments that have become a way of life… our traditions are just a way of life! 

Just hosted our annual Egg painting party and it looked like this:

  1. sent out Evites 2 weeks before
  2. ordered eggs from Every Day Artist (it is our local Paint Pottery place) Ceramic Eggs in case you don’t live near a place you can paint your own pottery. Just know they won’t have a glazed look.
  3. set the menu
  4. picked up the eggs and painting supplies for Every Day Artist
  5. had the party (eat, paint, laugh in any order that works for you)- it was a blast!
  6. drop the eggs off to be fired

When hosting, it is best to keep it simple and have some appetizers, pizza, and desserts.  This allows people to paint or eat whenever they want. Sometimes little ones just want to get right in and start painting. We have some very crafty painters and a serious artist. Scott and I have started a new tradition and have painted the next morning when it is quiet and mostly cleaned up from the night before. I love that we have this time together.

So, are you ready to start this tradition? I hope so! Welcome Spring and Easter 2018 and let your family have a plain white egg that transforms into meaningful memories. Each egg will capture that moment in time and since time won’t stand still this is a great way to hold on. May you continue to Make Meaningful Memories! Michelle, xo



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