St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Bring on the St. Patrick’s Day Fun!


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Are you feeling lucky? With this fun family tradition, I wish you lots of luck, because if you follow the clues you will find treasure!

Before the festivities begin you need to look the part… here is a great way to start! Check out this Cutest Shamrock shirt for Mom! I love this shirt! Why? I love when I can add my name to anything! Now you are ready to look the part.

Here is our favorite St. Patrick’s Day tradition: we have a leprechaun hunt! For many years the kids made leprechaun traps at school but we decided to hunt instead of trap! Here is how we do it:

  1. Get a shoe box and paint it green or gold or both
  2. Once the box is dry add decorations- glitter, sparkles, feathers
  3. Before you go to bed put the decorated box on a windowsill
  4. Make the clues (level of difficulty depends on your children- clues sample below to get you started)
  5. Hide the clues
  6. Fill the box with goodies and put it in the final clue spot
  7.  Hunt on St. Patrick’s Day

I strategically place the first clue to be found when my husband is home and we can hunt as a family. Some years St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday and we can begin the hunt leisurely. Other years, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a school day and we don’t have time to hunt before school, so somehow the first clue is not found until after we are all home.

Perhaps it is the teacher in me or I learned the hard way, but I suggest setting rules before you begin. I only say this to eliminate hurt feelings or frustration. For our hunt, each child takes a turn reading the clue, altogether they try to solve where the next clue is and it is their turn to leads to the next clue. Making the playing field as even as possible seems to make everyone work as a team.

Here is what the box looked like when it was found!

When my kids were smaller the box had a family movie night theme: the latest movie, candy, popcorn, gold coins and soda for a special treat.

As the kids grew older the box content changes a little bit. Candy remained the staple, but we added scratch-off lottery tickets for fun and WaWa gift cards for each child. In case you don’t have a Wawa, it is like a Circle K or a 7 Eleven. Somehow we spend a good amount of time and money there, so why not give them a gift card to a favorite place!

Here are some generic clues to get you started:

Clue 1 – (in the fridge) Hurry, be quick you’ll find the clue where the medicine is when you feel sick.  Clue 2 (medicine cabinet) take a look you will find me in the room that has the most books. Clue 3 (in the office) Where is the room that has the most spoons? Clue 4 (utensil drawer in the kitchen) Once I get tired I will lay my head on the comfiest bed. Clue 5 (on my bed) I’m not tired and won’t go to sleep and now that I am up I am watching a show and won’t make a peep. Clue 6 ( tv room) Time for a little treat, head to get a little something to eat. Clue 7 (pantry) Ooops, made a mess find a broom and sweep this room. Clue 8 (laundry room) It is getting late, just look at the hour, it is time for a shower. Clue 9 (shower) I want to take my box, run and hide and take my box for a ride. Clue 10  (garage) There it is the box and it is filled with treats and treasures.

Of course, you can make as many clues as you would like and you can make them easy or challenging. My silly leprechauns love this tradition! And they were never too old to participate.

We have had this tradition for 18 years and loved every unique box and every fun hunt! Believe it or not, the box has been found every year! We must have the Luck of the Irish!

Give this tradition a try and let me know how it goes! Wishing you lots of Luck and Love on this St. Patrick’s Day. Happy Hunting, Michelle xo

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