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Are you feeling the love? Do you love Valentine’s Day? It is one of my favorites! It can be as easy as you want it to be or as elaborate as you would like. Because of my love for making memories meaningful our house is pretty elaborate. I love to pull out the February tub filled with the Valentines Day decorations. Every house needs a splash of red and pink when it is so dull outside. There is always a treasure in each decoration tub. Do you have those special treasures? When you pull out the treasure from the Valentines tub, you stop and remember why you love that item so much, you call it a treasure. For me, my Valentines day treasure is this plate. It is not any old plate. It can’t be bought at a store and it can never be sold. Are you ready?

Here it is! This plate captures a moment and a phrase in time! My son, Collin, is now into lacrosse, taking drivers ed, approaching 16 and has such a witty personality, however,  back it up a few years (quite a few years) and my friend who watched Collin for many years made this Valentines plate for me.

They went to a local pottery place, Everyday Artist.  There they painted the plate and Ceil had Collin’s little handprints pressed onto the plate and surrounded them with a heart. Like that wasn’t enough… she added words. These are the words that we said daily back and forth… “I love you…, I love you too… I love you three… I love you four… I love you five…” It never mattered who started the phrase the other person would just continue. Sometimes we would just keep counting as high as he could. Such a simple little phrase that would be forgotten unless I had this beautiful reminder. Do you have a little phrase, or saying that is just for you and your child?

Here’s a fun fact, I just asked C if he remembers that we use to say this to each other and he gave me the standard… WHAT? I love you man… that is from a movie, with pure confusion in his voice. So with that being said, I want to hold on to those memories and make a plate. Now if you are in a location that does not have a paint your own pottery, here is an option for you: Ceramic Plate. 

Many years ago when my son was much younger and lots shorter than me I was lucky enough to get the best gift, his precious little hands and a little saying we shared. Capture your memory now!

Now, that you read about a favorite treasure for Valentine’s day, I want to tell you about the Valentine’s Angel. Do you know her? She appears on Valentine’s Eve. When the children are sleeping she slips into each child’s room and leaves decorations everywhere. You may be thinking “oh, cute a few hearts here and there” umm not in my world!

We have lots of heart decorations and  Heart Shaped Lights!   After the decorations are out, a little trail of candy leads to a gift from the Valentine Angel. Doesn’t this just sound delightful? Actually, it is. I can say that when I am not in the moment! Let me say that my three loved the Valentine visit! Seeing there faces when they were younger was so sweet. But here is the truth- our kids are spread out which means the Valentine Angel has made appearances for 23 years. You may think, well they are older now, they don’t really need the Valentine Angel but guess what, they do. It is a memory that they still love. Perhaps it is an excuse to get candy, but C just last year said, I can’t wait for the Valentine Angel to come tonight. He may be half teasing me, but if he didn’t have his room decorated we would have heard about it.  Another challenge can be when Valentine’s Day falls. As the kids got older we woke up in the middle of the night to decorate so we didn’t wake them up. Crazy? Probably, but my husband is the best and helps every year! Thank goodness! Did I mention that we also ruined a fan with our decorating? Well, when you hang heart streamers from the fan and someone turns the fan on… the streamers got stuck in the fan and the fan just shorted out. But it is a memory!

The finale to Valentines Day is our family dinner. We eat in the dining room with China and fancy it up as much as possible. It usually consists of a few pink or red foods.  Here is last year’s Valentine’s Day Menu:

This post focused on my children but my husband and I love this holiday too and we make the most of it.  We usually celebrate Valentine’s Day the weekend before or after and that my friends is another post. So, give one or all of these Valentines ideas a try. Go big or small but it with love and when you seethe love your kids’ faces it makes this memory meaningful. Happy Love Day to All, xo



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