Girls Weekend

Girls Weekend!


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GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN! Do you need a getaway?  I sure did! Now, I love to get away with my husband and of course as a family but when the opportunity arose and the schedules aligned I was thrilled that my 23-year-old Marissa and my 20-year-old Lexi were up for a girls weekend!

We hit the highway and were off to the beach! When you have a 50-degree sunny day at the end of January where would your first stop be? Ours was the beach. The beach is our most favorite spot no matter what the season is! I’d be remiss if we didn’t take advantage of a winter walk with sand between our toes! We took lots of selfies and after each take, one of the girls said, “don’t post that Mom.”  They are very critical and want a perfect picture but they don’t see, the perfection that I see, is already there.  Great conversations are had walking on the beach and the girls are sweet to not get annoyed when I make frequent stops to pick up a rock or a unique shell.

We did a little refueling and shopping was our next adventure!  Don’t you just love shopping when the lines are short and you can actually look at the merchandise? It was a real treat. We all walked away with a little something and left wishing for a sweet Spring bag. This was my favorite Tory Burch Pebbled Leather Bag! Wishful thinking right?

Shopping tuckered us out so we stopped for a late lunch and headed to our beach house for a little reading, relaxing and resting! After beach fries, I needed a little nap! The house was quiet so I picked up a book my dear friend sent me. I am so lucky to have friends that look out for me and this arrived right before we were leaving so it had to be packed.  I only started this book but I am recommending:  The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You are Suppose to Be and Embrace Who You Are.

We had big plans to go out to dinner but we were in comfy clothes and were ready for some sofa together time! Off to the market to grab some healthy snacks (well more unhealthy but it’s girls weekend).  After snacking, sharing sentimental thoughts and laughing so hard it was time for Marissa’s new obsession. She loves facial masks. She has tried many and was nice enough to share with us. Let me just say that a facial mask put on with a brush was life-changing. I loved it. It is refreshing and relaxing. Treat yourself you deserve it! Here is Marissa’s favorite: 24 K GOLD FACIAL MASK and facial brush.


After feeling relaxed it was time for me to hit the hay! But my girls still went strong!  I was sad that our time was short but grateful for the time! So while we had our girls weekend, my husband Scott and my 15-year-old Collin were enjoying some guy time… but that is another post!

Here is a recap of our girls weekend:

  1. beach time
  2. shop
  3. eat
  4. read, relax
  5. eat again
  6. facial masks
  7. snuggle

And remember to laugh through steps one – seven! This was such a time of much-needed rejuvenation! We all walked away with new memories, new knowledge, and lots of laughs. Girls weekend was once again one for the books. All bonds are important but you have to find the time to strengthen them. Get out those calendars and find a date and make it happen. Enjoy your time with your children whether they are big or small and make meaningful memories! XO





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    • m3michellemash

      Alyssa, I know you and Liv will have many fun memories in Lewes! And the masks have been really popular in our house! We look scary but our faces feel great! As always thanks for your support! xo

    • m3michellemash

      Oh my dear friend, Clare will look forward to many mother-daughter moments with you! You are one amazing woman! Looking forward to summertime fun in Lewes. xo

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