Super Bowl Party!

Let’s get ready for a Super Bowl Party!


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It’s Super Bowl Time! That means it’s time for friends, family, food, and fun! Do you want your party to be a score or fumble? If you want to score keep reading below!

Have you ever gone to a party and felt like you may have gotten the time wrong because the hosts just seem not ready? They are still unpacking groceries to begin preparing food and things just seem frazzled. It is never a good feeling. Me being me, I immediately take on the host’s feelings of stress.  This is not fun for the host or the guest. It is fine when you are cooking with friends but when you are thinking you are walking in and going to enjoy a cocktail or beer and some yummy food but instead you find yourself bringing in groceries… well it just sets a different tone for the night. Honestly, this can end up being one of the most fun nights of your life, but if I am having a party of any size I try my darndest to be organized, planned and as ready as you can be!  I want to enjoy my company, that is why I invited them over!

Here are a few of my favorites for a super fun Superbowl party!


  1. Decided if you are having an adult party or a family party.
  2. Invite your guests.
  3. Set your menu.
  4. Get your decorations
  5. If kids are coming have a little activity for them to do (plan and prep)

Our Super Bowl parties are always family parties. I learned the hard way to have an activity planned for the kids. At least at my house, the kids were usually standing or dancing around and it was usually in front of the television.  The adults patiently (as long as the team they were rooting for was winning) would ask the kids to move and the kids would move for less than a play but would land in the way again. You can’t blame the kids! It is tough to understand the game and watch it for three hours especially without any animation! So if you are having a party with kids, have at least one activity that they can do and perhaps if you are lucky you can have the serious Super Bowl watchers in one room and in another room have it on with the less serious watchers and the kids.

I keep the menu pretty easy. If everyone makes it until the end of the game and you do a quick clean up it is still a late night for me. The Monday after the Super Bowl seems to come pretty early! Here is my menu:

  1. Adult drinks, water, and kid drinks -to be festive make sure your juice boxes are color connected. (Blue or red for Patriots)
  2. Supporting local shops we order subs and wings (bone-in and boneless)
  3. Buffalo chicken dip and chips (recipe below)
  4. Chips and dip
  5. Desserts (recipe below)

I love this buffalo chicken dip! After trying several recipes this is the one my family likes the best!

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe


8-ounce cream cheese softened

1/2 cup of your favorite blue cheese dressing (I use Marie’s Super Blue Cheese)

1/2 cup Sweet Baby Rays Buffalo Sauce

1/2 cup cheddar cheese

2 cans of chicken



mix all the ingredients together,  put in a baking dish, sprinkle scallions on top and bake for 30 minutes, serve with chips in a Super cute stadium bowl. I also try to be a little healthy and have some celery to serve along with the dip.

Here is an easy activity for you to try:

Make cupcakes for everyone (adults may want to decorate a cupcake or have another guest decorate for them). Betty doesn’t disappoint! Nothing too fancy just regular cake mix! Each guest will decorate their cupcake accordingly to their team color.

Make icing from scratch or use canned icing. Mix in food color to match the team color. Using McCormick’s food coloring

Patriots blue – 150 blue and 50 purple

Eagles green- 150 green and 6 black



If you are feeling crafty… go for it! Unfortunately, report cards are due right before the Super Bowl, so I am owning the fact that I won’t have time to make any crafts so I will be purchasing party decorations to make our Super Bowl party a little more festive!  This year I am just going easy!

Whatever team you are rooting for, my wish is for your  Super Bowl Party be a Victory! My family is beyond happy as we are Eagle fans! EAGLES! So stop making plays and start planning now and you’ll make meaningful memories! May your team win, xo

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