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Dinner Time with a Sharing Jar!


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Who doesn’t love dinner, it is where everyone loves the meal before them and everyone happily shares? Is this what dinner looks and sounds like in your house? It is a rarity in my house (I have a picky eater). I can’t promise a fabulous dinner time in your house but when you add a sharing jar it can only contribute to a quality family time.



We went to dinner last night and I know you have seen this too, but it always amazes me… there was a family of five and all five were on a technical device! All of them! I don’t think any conversations were had except telling the waiter their order and that is just sad! If only they had a sharing jar, this dinner could have been more meaningful and memories could have been made. If you are in agreement and want to know what a sharing jar is, please keep reading!

Many families have a no technology during meals and that is great. Your family may be great at sharing during dinner but in my own house, I have sat through a few quite or boring meals. To squash these kinds of dinners, I wanted to make a sharing jar.  The reason I wanted to make a sharing jar was to spark deeper conversations that required more than a yes or no answer.

If you want your kids to buy into anything you have to make them take ownership or at least partnership, of it. If I make a sharing jar on my own, it may look a little more perfect but my kids wouldn’t feel as compelled to participate because they didn’t take any ownership in making the sharing jar! So please let your kids take part in making the sharing jar!

Supplies Needed:

  1. jars
  2. multicolored tissue paper
  3. scissors
  4. Mod Podge
  5. paper or gel pens

To begin, you need a  jar! Why not spread the love of sharing to others and while making your family sharing jar make more sharing jars for family or friends. Next, you will need tissue paper cut into squares. Take a foam brush and Modge Podge the tissue paper squares onto the jar.  Cover the whole jar. You can overlap the tissue paper squares. Let the jar dry.

While the jar is drying, it is time to brainstorm sharing jar questions. It is not important if they are typed or handwritten or you type the questions your child suggests…. however you decide to do it will be just fine!  Have everyone in the family come up with at least three questions from each person. Have the question writer sign their name so they can read it when their question is chosen. To encourage that deeper conversation make sure you add the word, “why” to any questions that may be a one-word answer.

Just in case you need a helpful start, here are a few ideas for your sharing jar:

  1. What was the best part of your day? Why?
  2. If you could have lunch delivered what would it be? Why?
  3. If you could be in any movie what movie would you want to be in? Why?
  4. What is the best gift you ever received? Why?
  5. Who did you eat lunch with today? Why?
  6. What is the word or phrase that you hear Mom or Dad say the most?
  7. What is your most favorite subject?
  8. What is the best part of having a sibling? Why?
  9. If you could plan the next vacation, where would it be?
  10. If you won a million dollars today, what would you do with it? Why?


Now you have your questions and your jar is dry, what now? You will put the questions in the jar and then at dinner one person picks a question out of the jar and reads it to the group. Each person takes a turn answering the question. As a family, you can decide how many rounds you would like to do before dinner is served.  Replenish the questions as needed. My kiddos are older now but I remember the sharing jar fondly. Nowadays, we share lots when we are together. I would like to think some of our best conversations today were because of the habits we developed from the sharing jar. It is expected to listen to each other and know you are safe to share your thoughts and feelings when answering any questions. This little sharing jar is fostering lifelong conversing skills!

So, grab your supplies and make your jar and begin sharing! I hope you learn something new or gain new insight from using the sharing jar around the dinner table.   Keep making memories meaningful! xo



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