Collage Making!

Does Making Collages scare you?

Well, you will be ready to tackle Collage Making after reading this post! So be brave and keep reading!


I don’t know if you have you been to the movies as a family lately? We just went this past weekend and dropped several dollars. Gift cards couldn’t even cover the expense. January is always our “no spend month” which translates to trying not to eat out and no frivolous spending (no Marshalls for me and no Amazon for Scott). Are you like me and still want to have fun as a family but need to curb the spending as much as possible?

Just wait, I have a great activity for you and your crew! COLLAGE MAKING!  When I plan these activities for my family I never know if they will embrace it, get bored with it or take it seriously.  This Collage making was embraced wholeheartedly and hung with pride.

Here is what you need for collage making:

  1. the first letter of each person’s name- these work great  Wooden Alphabet Letters
  2. gather lots of old magazines
  3. have Scissors for each person
  4. Mod Podge and foam brushes
  5. a table to sit at and be able to all spread out

How Collage Making comes together:


  1. make sure you have all the supplies
  2. spread out a variety of magazines on the table
  3. give each person their letter
  4. directions to the group: each person will cut out words that speak to them or words that mean something to them AND then cut out a word or words that remind you of each person at the table
  5. give the word you chose to each person and glue your words down on your letter (they may overlap or you may choose to give each word a little space) This is your letter so let your creativity shine!
  6. keep cutting and gluing until your letter is covered as much as you want
  7. after everything is glued down, Modge Podge over the whole letter
  8. each person reads the words on their letter
  9. share why you chose the word you did for each person participating
  10. display these together or each person can treasure them in their own space


This was one of my meaningful memories that you can make! When I think back to my family making these Collages, I can’t help but smile. When your family members give you a word, it is empowering, this is what they think of you!

Here are the words my kids and I  gave to my husband: “Abe Lincoln” (a picture), tight-knit family, above and beyond and technology.  Abe represented the love my husband has of history and his favorite president. My husband Scott has tried to instill his passion for history in our children and he succeeded with two of them. Hey, two out of three isn’t bad! “Tight-knit family” represented what we always strive to obtain. What a great gift when your child chooses that word to give to you. Scott was so proud and honored. I gave Scott the words: above and beyond. I think these words speak for themselves.  Finally, the last word given was technology. This could be viewed as a negative word if you didn’t know my husband. Technology is a big part of our house, too much most of the time I think. But this word was given to Scott because of his work ethic. His job revolves around technology and my son said he “works really hard at his job and he is good at it.” My husband was feeling quite proud after this but also happy to share the words he chose to give to each of us too.

We hung our Collage letters together and everyone was fine with that. Every now and then I spontaneously stop and look at those words, on those letters,  and think to myself… I am one lucky woman.  Are you dreaming of the perfect spot to hang your Collages?

This was just one of those feel-good nights! It turned out that way because parameters were set up before we began. I explained that each child needed to make sure they chose a word that positively represents each person at the table. There would be no boulders (silly or sarcasm) for this activity.  They could put silly or sarcastic words on their own letter if they want but only pick words that you would want to receive. You may not need to do this but I try to always take a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach. I didn’t have to mend any hurt feelings because I set up the night for positiveness and that is one of many reasons it was successful. The other reasons were, just because a family of five took the time to spend moments making their own kind of history, making this tight-knit family just a little tighter and without out any sort of technology. My wish is for your family to Make a Collage!  Give this a try and hopefully, you will make a meaningful memory!       xo



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